Olicana Park, Addingham

Olicana Park

Luxury Cabins and Cottages in Addingham, Keighley

Olicana Park, Addingham

A caravan park received a new lease of life with the addition of 5 luxury cabins and a conversion of an existing property into 4 luxury cottages, 

Initially, we undertook a site investigation and initial assessment of the proposed structures to determine draft foundations and followed this with a site levels exercise to ensure pedestrian and vehicular accessibility could be achieved with a view to minimising costs with respect to retaining walls. This allowed the client to understand the viability whilst minimising the initial upfront costs. A full detailed design of all below ground works including drainage and foundations was undertaken alongside the structural design of alterations within the existing buildings. 

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Project Details

Project Duration 4 Months

Client Olicana Park

Location Keighley

Project Sector Civil Engineering

Contract Value £3.9m

Our Services Civil / Structural / Geo-environmental