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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

PWA have a long history of providing cost-effective design solutions nationwide our team are passionate about what we do. We work with the wider design team to provide a considered solution for projects varying from existing single houses with drainage issues to new housing sites and industrial estates ensuring that they work with and provide benefit to the surrounding environment. Our services include designing site levels to work with the landscape, to reduce the impact of flooding through drainage systems.

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What is civil engineering?

“Civil engineering is everything you see that’s been built around us It’s about roads and railways, schools, offices, hospitals, water, and power supply and much more. The kinds of things we take for granted but would find life very hard to live without. Civil engineers design, create and connect up the world around us. They help make our villages, towns and cities work for the people that live there.” – ICE Civil engineering explained | Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)

Different client, developers/contractors will operate in different ways, we develop our civil designs with this in mind, tailoring each design to meet and match the specific and insure it is in line with your preferences but also in accordance with regulatory standards.

Our approach to civil engineering

Our approach isn’t just to design the project to paper but to develop your project alongside all stake holders to deliver the best solution. It all starts with understanding your project requirements and the existing site, it ends with the most cost-effective solution that meets the initial brief. We are not shy to offer any alternative solutions and stive to make improvements to create more space, save you money and create sustainability. we provide support to the design team by producing considered design solution in line with current codes and guidance to make architectural layouts work with the existing site constraints and features. Our scope of works spans from concept stage, providing input to the production of site proposals. The design phase, ensuring all designs are in line with the original brief while complying with the required legislation and achieving any approvals/permission to undertake the works, and through the construction phase, providing site assistance, amending designs to work with the changing site and any identified constraints. A full breakdown of our services is below:

Concept Design (RIBA Stage 2)

  • Site Appraisals

Spatial Coordination (RIBA Stage 3)

  • Flood Risk Assessment
  • Drainage Strategy
  • SuDS Assessment
  • Pre-Planning Sewer Enquiries
  • Preliminary Highways Plans
  • Preliminary Levels Designs

Manufacturing & Construction (RIBA Stage 5)

  • Construction phase assistance

Handover (RIBA Stage 6)

  • As-Built Drawing Records

Technical Design (RIBA Stage 4)

  • Site Levels Design
  • Cut & Fill analysis
  • Flood compensation modelling
  • Retaining wall design
  • Existing drainage reviews
  • Private Drainage Designs
  • Adoptable Drainage Designs
    • Section 104 Agreements – Adoption of New Sewers
    • Section 185 Agreements – Diversion or Alterations of Existing Sewers
    • Section 102 Agreements – Adoption of Existing Sewers
    • Section 106 Agreements – Connection to a Public Sewer
  • SuDS Designs
  • Management and maintenance plans
  • Private Highway Designs
  • Adoptable Highway Designs
    • Section 38 – Adoption of a proposed highway
    • Section 278 – Alteration of an existing highway
    • Section 184 – New Vehicle Crossover of a footway
    • Section 50 – Private apparatus under an adopted highway
  • Industrial Yard Designs
  • Highway Condition Surveys
  • Construction detailing

A civil engineering company you can rely on

We seek to find every opportunity to improve your project, break boundaries and create new ideas. Our hard work from the start of a project makes it easier down the line removing any unnecessary stress from you.

We use the latest design software to make sure you have the very best end products.

Why Choose PWA Geo

At PWA Geo, our focus is your enjoyment of your development. Our knowledge ensures you receive bespoke information tailored and detailed for your development.

We enjoy our work and are passionate about identifying client-focused solutions. That’s why if you are looking for a practical solution to your development that integrates neatly with structures and civil design aspects, we’re the ideal choice.

To find out more about our geo environmental engineering services, contact the team today who will be happy to answer any questions you have.