What is Structural Engineering?

Structural engineering plays a vital part in the design, construction and maintenance of everything from small bridges to sprawling shopping centres to some of the world’s most famous landmarks, with the size and complexity of the task growing according to the scale of the structure. As one of the services provided by the expert team at Paul Waite Associates, read on to find out more about this challenging but important branch of engineering.

What is structural engineering?

As the name suggests, structural engineering is about making sure that buildings and infrastructure are structurally sound, and that their constituent parts are capable of handling the stresses and strains imposed upon them by factors such as the environment and daily usage.

Structural engineering vs architecture

It’s important to note that, while there is a degree of overlap between their purposes, structural engineering and architecture are two distinct fields. Whereas architects are concerned with a building’s aesthetic qualities and functionality, a structural engineer’s job is first and foremost to make sure that the structure of the building is safe and secure.

Structural engineering for existing buildings

Structural engineering is, of course, an important consideration when it comes to designing and constructing new buildings, but also when changing and expanding existing ones. The expertise of a structural engineer can help to determine exactly what changes are necessary and to avoid potentially weakening the building in the process.

Aside from the careful planning and calculations that help to make sure the bones of a building are sufficiently sturdy, structural engineering also involves selecting the materials used and making sure that budgets and deadlines are adhered to without compromising on safety.

Benefits of structural engineering

There are a number of benefits of structural engineering, these include:

●  Safety: certainly the most important advantage of structural engineering is the safety of the construction, ensuring that it is stable, structurally sound, and safe for use.

●  Saving money: construction can quickly become expensive if you’re not sure what the best materials are to use, or you struggle to identify problems in their early stages. A structural engineer can help save money on your project from the very beginning.

●  Impressive design: At PWA, we will create concepts of your vision with the aim of exceeding your expectations. We’ll also make any adjustments to increase your space, value, and overall enjoyment of your development to give you the maximum return.

If you would like to find out more about structural engineering, or any of the other services provided by PWA, then please get in touch by calling 01535 633350 or emailing info@pwaite.co.uk.

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